General Manager
SBO International s.r.o. - 2016 - present - 2 years - Full time

SBO International was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing top quality services in general contracting and project management to customers throughout Europe for international retail chains such as Orsay, Pimkie, TomTailor, Swarowsky, Calzedonia, Intimissimi and many more. During its 11 years of existence, the company has evolved in every sense, expanding its team, its area of coverage, as well as constantly improving its quality and standards.

The company operates in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, The Nederlands, Slowakia, Hungary and Romania, working with and for customers and partners such as Swarovski, Orsay, Pimkie, Bijou Brigitte and many others. SBO International is a proud member of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Germany, acting to promote investments in Romania and cross-border endeavors.

Marketing Manager Romania
Easy Asset Management IFN SA - 2014 - 2016 - 2 years - Full time

Easy Asset Management is a part of Management Financial Group, a multinational company based in Bulgaria, also present in Romania, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic, planing to expand in the UK, Hungary and some south-east Asian countries.

As marketing manager for Romania, I am responsible for drafting the entire marketing strategy for the country for each year, together with a 5 year projection, according to the growth and development plan set by the International Department. I also draft the brand management and CSR plan.

With the help of the marketing team, I coordinate and implement market studies, gather competitive intelligence and information on brand awareness, based on which I establish the marketing strategy, the budget and the objectives for each year, together with the 5 year planing.

The marketing team that I coordinate implements the marketing plan and the advertising and public relations actions, while ensuring the support needed by the sales team and, together with the HR department, implements the CSR strategy, using the actions to promote the company brand.

As a result of the marketing actions undertaken, the company has recorded constant growth, month by month, especially in on-line sales, but also in traditional business. To be more exact, since the beginning of 2015, I can mention a total growth of 870% in on-line sales compared to 2014, and a 60% growth since the beginning of the year. The marketing sales contribution is 35%.

General Manager
DeBizz Business Magazine, 2014- 2015, 1 year - Project based

DeBizz has been, for more than 10 years, the only German speaking business magazine in Romania, catering to the informational needs of the 35.000-strong German speaking community in our country, made up of businessmen, politicians and diplomats. The magazine is an integral part of the German, Austrian and Swiss business and diplomatic scene in Romania.

As a general manager, I coordinated the editorial and sales efforts and lead the team of 10 professional journalists.

I was also in charge of the management and business development strategy for the magazine, while regularly reporting to the shareholders, including on P&L. I relaunched the online strategy of the magazine and started an online private business club for the members of the business community Romania-Germany-Austria-Switzerland.

I oversaw the magazine's collaborations and partnerships, while taking part in official events organized by companies, embassies, diplomatic sections, foundations, political parties, state institutions and mass-media. Gathering new VIP contacts for the magazine.

Marketing Execution Lead
IBM - Germany, Austria, Switzerland - 2012 - 2014 - 2 years - Full time

As a marketing execution lead for IBM Power Systems, I took an active part in drafting the marketing and enablement plan for the DACH region (DE, AT, CH), while interlocking with the regional management team, as well as the European and world-wide teams in order to better align the marketing plans.

I managed the process of implementation for each campaign from the regional plan: off- and online campaigns, events, e-mail marketing, telemarketing, nurturing and interlocked with suppliers to draft and implement media buying and event management plans, while negotiating all offers and execution fees with suppliers.

Other responsibilities included continuous analysis of each campaign performance, gathering lessons learnt and drafting improvement and efficiency plans and overseeing the education and enablement process for the region's sales force and business partners.

For my own growth, I participated in the internal education program, ensuring permanent self improvement, better performance and enlarging my knowledge base.

Group Marketing Coordinator
Lipoplast - Agrobanat Group - 2004 - 2012 - 8 years - Full time

The Lipoplast - Agrobanat group is a holding comprising 35 companies active in fields ranging from construction, retail, IT, reseach, medical to FMCG. The group was established in 1994 and is one of the strongest 100% Romanian employers in western Romania.

As a group marketing coordinator for all the companies in the holding, I managed the a project team (4 people) to deliver market studies, drafting marketing plans and media campaigns and implement them accordingly.

Other responsibilities included:
Copy-writing and drafting the Corporate Identity Pack and all promotional materials, including CG graphics, video and audio clips.

Preparing the LIPOPLAST sales and management team for TV and radio appearances. Preparing exhibitions, open door days and other advertising and public relations events. Promoting LIPOPLAST products and services in Austria, managing client accounts in Austria.

Market and image study for Lipoplast, carried out on 200 citizens of Timisoara. Numerous advertising and media campaigns that resulted in sales totaling more than eur500.000/year. An advertising campaign in Austria with a budget of eur35.000, that produced sales totaling more than EUR100K.